Experiencing the deep realization
that “I am the I AM” changes everything

“The path for a new stage in human evolution is clearly explained by this exceptional book. Dr. Jerry Gin uses a unique approach to address the connection between science and spirituality, providing us with an opportunity to better understand the qualities of subtle energy as well as the essence of ‘I AM.’ He presents his conclusion first, and then provides scientific evidence and tools so that we can confirm the information for ourselves. The added bonus of affirmations by spiritual teacher Joachim Wippich offers the ability to raise consciousness, allowing us to help ourselves, the planet, and humanity.” 

Jan Walsh

IFSG and BG-EHS Practitioner

Are You a Seeker?

In The Seeker and The Teacher of Light, you are introduced to the nature of your true essence, I AM. You learn this intuitively from the changes that your mind and body undergo when you are at your I AM level, which takes place when you use the wonderful Affirmations by Joachim Wippich provided in this book. You learn this also through scientific descriptions on the nature of all matter, and how you are a part of this amazing universe. And you learn about creation through the eyes of the amazing harmonizing energies of 3-6-9.

In Science, Subtle Energies, and Spirituality: A Path to I AM, you learn about the nature and science of subtle energies. You learn that subtle energies are everywhere, and that you can detect and quantitate these energies through the science of resonance. Along with fascinating explanations, illustrations, and Affirmations by Joachim Wippich, this book provides hands-on exercises (such as how to move and copy these energies and to structure water) so you can experience subtle energies for yourself. As you come to realize that it’s all based on your thoughts, this leads you to understand your true I AM nature.

About Dr. Jerry Gin

Jerry Gin, a scientist by training and temperament, has spent more than 40 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He has founded a number of companies such as ChemTrak, Oculex Pharmaceuticals, Livionex, Nuvora, and Visionex. For more than 20 years, his passionate interests have been in the areas of mind-being, consciousness, and the nature of reality. He is the Chairman of the Foundation for Mind-Being Research.

“If you want to see what Jerry discovered and how, read his first book; but if you want to cut to the chase, read this new book that shows you the answers he found, and how he (and then you) can apply them, and put them to the test for yourself. Get ready for a mind-expanding journey into areas you may have never before known existed. Enjoy!”

Michael Buchele, MD

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