Affirmations by Joachim Wippich

New to dowsing?

The field of dowsing has existed for many thousands of years  

Traditional dowsing uses questions such as “Can I?”  “May I?” “Should I?” before seeking information  

Joachim has discovered that making statements is another way to seek and check the validity of information as correct or incorrect

His protocol can and will greatly impact one’s dowsing results and accuracy

Start Here to Secure Your Resonance

Left Brain Right Brain Exercise

Use this exercise in the morning, before dowsing, or anytime during the day you feel the need to bring yourself into balance.

Your I AM “I AM Everything I AM”

To check the percentage of your “I AM”, use these statements and procedures to help you reach 100% of your “I AM”.

“I AM in Harmony with My Property”

This will help your dowsing accuracy by making sure your environment is not affecting your dowsing results.


Joachim Wippich offers affirmations for addressing many areas of life, such as helping the planet, health, knowledge, thoughts, and more.

This document contains more than forty affirmations. If you are new to dowsing or to Joachim Wippich’s approach to dowsing, please start with Steps 1 – 2 – 3 above to learn how to begin.

About Joachim Wippich

Joachim Wippich, born in Germany, was gifted with the ability to pick up new knowledge and skills easily.  He has worked in many different capacities.  Yet no matter what profession he entered into, he brought in intuition and extraordinary skills.  He has been a baker, a farmer, a metal worker/machinist, a truck driver, and a glass and optics fabricator.  In Silicon Valley, he worked for five startups and five large corporations and had his own glass and optic company before retiring and becoming a dowser, healer, and teacher of light. He was always given the hard tasks to solve problems others could not solve – which made him invaluable.  He would instinctively know the mechanism to accomplish the task.

As with Joachim’s other careers, when he got into the area of dowsing and healing, his insights went to the heart of the nature of both.  He realized that disharmony (or imbalance) was at the heart of many problems, as disharmony is innate to the human condition.  He realized that we are all Divine Beings with a connection to God, and thus have the ability to invite in harmony to achieve a balance with the disharmony.  Joachim realized that healing comes from within the self.  In addition to inviting in harmony, Joachim understood that healing occurs when people realize their true essence, that everyone is I AM.  When that occurs, their vibrational level goes up and healing happens.  Thus, Joachim developed affirmations to allow people to know their true I AM essence, which could be monitored with dowsing tools measuring their vibrational level.

Joachim’s calling now is being The Teacher of Light.

Background for your reference

Joachim Wippich, whose philosophy is conveyed in The Seeker and the Teacher of Light, is continuously improving and updating his affirmations and creating new affirmations. Jan Walsh, a friend and volunteer who works closely with me to maintain this website, has been working with Joachim as he makes his improvements and additions. As these are completed, Jan will periodically prepare and insert new affirmations in this portion of the website. We appreciate Jan’s continued efforts in this area. As we have improvement and additions, we will send you an email alerting you about the affirmations. (You can sign up in the sidebar for these announcements.)

Remember that you are Thoughts, and Words are the vehicle to express those Thoughts.

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