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Securing Your Resonance: Step 2

There are three steps involved in order to be sure you are in optimal resonance with your personal energies/vibrations, which is especially important for dowsing, and also in determining your vibrational level. The first step is to bring your brain and heart into harmony (as found here). The second step is to bring yourself to the “I AM” vibrational level, as described below. It is a good habit to check one’s vibrational level often, as accuracy in dowsing can be affected if it is not 100%. The third is to harmonize any possible environmental factors that might affect you and your dowsing (as found here).


“I AM Everything I AM”

Make this statement and check for “Yes” or “No” using your dowsing tool. Even if your dowsing tool indicates “Yes”, check what percent is “Yes” by stating the following:

“My I AM is more than 10%.” If “Yes,” continue to check each number.
“My I AM is more than 20%.” etc., until you reach 100%.


If your dowsing tool gives a “No” at a percentage lower than 100, say:
“I AM Rethinking Rethink I AM” (and then pause)
“I AM Rethinking Rethink I AM” (and then pause
“I AM Rethinking Rethink I AM” (and then pause) 

You pause between your repetition in order to absorb what you are saying. Now recheck to see what percent you are. Repeat the above process until your “I AM” resonance reaches 100%.


Click here for Step 3 of Securing Your Resonance.


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