I AM In Harmony With My Location

Jun 2, 2021 | Securing Your Resonance | 0 comments

Securing Your Resonance: Step 3

There are three steps involved in order to be sure you are in optimal resonance with your personal energies/vibrations, which is especially important for dowsing, and also in determining your vibrational level. The first is to bring your brain and heart into harmony (which can be found here). The second step is to bring yourself to the “I AM” vibrational level (which can be found here). Step 3 is coming into harmony with your location, as described below.

We live in an environment and it can influence the accuracy of our dowsing. The following steps will help to neutralize its influence.

“I AM in Harmony with My House”
“My House is in Harmony with Me”

Make these statements and check for “Yes” or “No” using your dowsing tool. If you get a “No” to either line, say the following correcting statements:

“I Neutralize Normalize Harmonize Energize Polarize this property”
“The property is beneficial for my entire I AM being”

Recheck the initial statement that was “No”, and if still “No” say:

“I AM Rethinking Rethink I AM”
“I AM Rethinking Rethink I AM”
“I AM Rethinking Rethink I AM”

Here are Step 1 and Step 2 of Securing Your Resonance.

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