The Seeker and The Teacher of Light

“An urgent message for humanity is pouring in from many directions—we are beings of consciousness temporarily inhabiting bodies. The message is: Wake up! Grow in awareness of the subtle energies around us. Dr. Gin’s book clarifies the message, makes it coherent and accessible, and exciting.”

—Cynthia Spring, Co-author of channeled books Seven Questions about Life After Life, and Seven Questions about the Greater Reality

Understand Your True Identity

“I AM”—just two words, but such amazing words! As an ego “I am,” you may think of yourself as defined by your career or role: “I am a mother or father,” or “I am a teacher, doctor, or fill-in-the-blank.” These are the ego titles or descriptions of yourself as you lead this life. But that is not the real you—your real essence. Your essence is truly the I AM.

Humanity, for the most part, has forgotten who we are.

Oneness is the reality of the universe, and everything in it. But as humans, until both sides of our brain are in balance, we can’t really experience that oneness. The good news is that balance is not only possible; it is available to all of us. We were born to be true, not to be perfect. We were born to be in Harmony and Balance. This is available to you … right here, right now.

Are you ready to begin?

“This book is a journey with a genius. In a heartfelt way Jerry Gin invites readers not only to understand, but to have a direct experience through the techniques and exercises he offers. He convinces us that “we all have the ability to affect the nature of matter” through practices such as pendulums and sacred number series.

In the mid 1950s another genius named Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a French Jesuit priest, and also a scientist, wrote about the Omega Point. He predicted that there would come a time of coalescence, when the advances of science and the essence of spirituality would be integrated into a unified field of understanding of the physical world and the dimensions that lie beyond. Dr. Gin’s life has been, and continues to be, an exploration of that integration. As guide and fellow seeker, he shares with us the insights he’s gained so far.”

—Cynthia Spring

Co-author of channeled books Seven Questions about Life After Life, and Seven Questions about the Greater Reality

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What You Will Learn in This Book

The chapters in this book are structured into fundamental concepts that help you understand your true identity. Each chapter ends with a helpful summary of key points.


The main concepts you will explore include:


  • The fundamentals of achieving Harmony and why that is important. With that lesson, you may find yourself achieving a greater level of happiness.

  • The nature of imbalance and why that causes illness on a personal level, breakup of relationships, political party dysfunctions, wars, and other problems. On a planetary basis, imbalances cause earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes.

  • How matter is formed and that all matter is formed in this manner.

  • Why imbalances are inherent in the formation of matter and how you can bring back balance.

  • How you interact with matter, but that the essence of you is not matter.

About the Author

Dr. Jerry Gin is the author of The Teacher and The Seeker of Light. He is also the Chairman and CEO of FMBR (Foundation for Mind-Being Research), a nonprofit organization that seeks to advance the consciousness of individuals and organizations to enable us to live in greater harmony with one another, the earth, and the cosmos. Jerry’s driving passion for the past 20 years has been exploring the nature of the universe. To this end, his activities have included research, studies in many diverse disciplines, experiential activities in self-exploration, and growth and knowledge through inner knowing.

Author’s Note

My purpose in telling my story is to put forth a general roadmap illustrating how a person with my background as a scientist went through a journey and arrived at the same conclusion as Joachim Wippich, the Teacher of Light. My hope is that others can be helped in their journey to find their true I AM identity and achieve the Harmony and Balance that make our earthly experience as spiritual beings one of love, light, and peace.

“The Seeker and The Teacher of Light takes the reader on a journey to understanding the ‘being’ of one’s “essence”— the spark of life that begins before we are a physical body. By understanding our essence, we can heal ourselves by bringing ourselves into harmony, into the Consciousness—the Oneness of IAM.

Through science and healing modalities of eastern spirituality, dowsers, mystics, and mediums, Dr. Gin introduces insight into the healer’s various tools. There are biological and spiritual healings. Gin explains the reason for their success: True healing is achieved through no judgment, compassion, forgiveness, and love.

Woven throughout the book are Affirmations by healer Joachim Wippich, Teacher of Light. Wippich created these statements to raise the level of Consciousness through balance and harmony. Thus, we are introduced to the healing wisdom of the I AM. Through these affirmations we come closer to understanding ourselves, our “essence,” compassion, and love.”

—Regina Ochoa, Channeler, Medium

Human Creation = Thought + Desire + Belief + Surrender


is the asking, the conscious choice and focus of your intent.


is the impetus, the fuel or passion of your intent.


is the knowledge of self and faith in your potential.


is your recognition as a Creator with the Divine order and your oneness with the Universal Forces which will assist you in the materialization of your intent.

The Teacher and The Seeker of Light

Available in Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook. Order Today!

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